• Asho Ahmed – 1:1 Educational Assistant
  • Mohamed Ali -Educational Assistant
  • Roni Chapman – PATH Specialist
  • Kiki Chineyeze – PATH Specialist
  • Emmanuel Ifonlaij – Educational Assistant
  • Fardousa Qalid – Educational Assistant
  • Anthony Willson – 1:1 Educational Assistant



Andrea Cuellar

Special Education Teacher

Education and inspiring those within my sphere of influence to have courage to develop and reveal their best selves – is Andrea’s personal injunction. She has been in education for 9 years. Andrea’s professional experiences include having served as a Special Education Teacher, Paraprofessional, Administrator, and Special Education Coordinator. She was born in San Antonio, TX and graduated high school in San Diego, CA. Andrea has a B.S. in Psychology from Crown College and a M.Ed. from Bethel University.

Anthony (A.J.) Wilson

Special Education Educational Assistant

Mr. AJ lives in St. Paul. He assists students with their educational needs.

Amina Adan

College and Career Counselor, Office Manager

My name is Amina Adan.  I have lived in Minnesota for about 25 years. I have a Bachelors of Science in English Teaching from Metropolitan State University. I am going back to school for English Language Learners license from Augsburg College.

I live in Bloomington, come from a big family. I speak three languages English, Somali and Arabic. I traveled for more than 5 years around Europe and the middle east.  This is my second year at CPATH and will enjoy getting to know you all.

Asho Ahmed

Special Education Educational Assistant

Ms. Asho lives in St. Paul. She assists students with their educational needs.

Mohamed Ali

Educational Assistant

My name is Mohamed Ali, I’m an Educational Assistant at CPATH. I have been with the school since its beginning. I live in Minneapolis.

I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Metro State. I look forward to working with all of you to make this a successful school year for all of our students.


Liz Bercaw

ELL Program Co-Coordinator

I have great hope for the world, in that humans are moving and relocating, talking and cooperating. I see globalization as a way of bringing the human experience closer to being that team of humble co-creators. I have been fortunate to experience teaching Art, as this promotes searching out those nearly miraculous solutions that emerge from obscure sources, that subconscious corner of the mind, or the world, where there is quiet sweat, anxiety and fatigue, yet results appear.  I see it this same place that will reveal multicultural and multilingual capabilities to be the most valuable assets in solving political and scientific difficulties.



Joan Arbisi Little, Ed.D.

Executive Director

Dr. Joan Arbisi Little surrounds herself with art, children and civic work.

After careers in graphic design and small business, Joan became an educator to pursue her love of teaching and learning.  Her career as an educator spans 27 years as a teacher, program director, and administrator in district, charter and private schools.

She is licensed by the state of Minnesota as a K-12 Administrator and K-6 Teacher. She has experience teaching inventing and science fair at the elementary and middle school levels, and change leadership at the graduate level. As an educator, Joan promotes experiential and project based learning, and assessments that include portfolio, standard-based, qualitative and narrative methodology.

An experienced project manager and evaluator, Joan provides technical support to urban and outstate business and community leaders. Joan is a Professor of Practice faculty member at Concordia University St. Paul in the principal and superintendent licensure program where she serves on dissertation committees for Concordia’s Doctorate of Education candidates. As the executive director at Career Pathways public charter secondary school, Joan supports a diverse and creative teacher-led staff, serving primarily African immigrant and first generation African American students.


Hamdi Farah

ELL Program Co-Coordinator

My name is Hamdi Farah. I am one of the ESL teachers. I have lived in Minnesota for about 12 years. I have a Bachelors of Science in English teaching from Metropolitan State University. I currently attend Augsburg College for my Master’s in ESL teaching. I have three brothers and four sisters. I live in Minneapolis. This is my third year at CPATH, I have enjoyed working here, and I am glad to be witnessing our students succeed and begin a brighter future.

Here are two of my favorite quotes.  “ NO two things have been combined better than knowledge and patience” ~ Prophet Mohamed S.A.W. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela


Abshir Hirsi

Business Teacher

My is name Abshir Hirsi. I am the computer skills teacher and look forward to getting to know CPATH students and families. Before I came to CPATH I was in corporate America  and before that I attended the University of Minnesota. While I was at the U of M I majored in Business and Marketing . I am passionate about educating youth, especially Minneapolis youth and helping them be succeed in school and in their futures.

Liz Lonetti

English Teacher

Ms. Lonetti lives in Minneapolis’ North Side. She is a founding board member at Career Pathways and teaches English Language Arts.

Cristaly Mercado

Administrative Educational Assistant & Kitchen Manager

My name is Cristaly Mercado, but feel free to call me Cris! I’m an Education Assistant at CPATH excited to help in whatever way I can. I’m from Puerto Rico and moved to Minnesota three years ago. I really enjoy the people and communities here.

I love cooking, playing competitive video games and anything Nintendo. I am majoring in Special Education at the University of Minnesota and currently doing research on how board games can be used in science learning.

Molly Reisman

STEM Teacher

Molly Reisman joined Career Pathways as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) instructor in March of 2016.

Before teaching at Career Pathways, Molly spent more than 20 years in education including: the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Learning Technology Center, doing graduate work in Science Education at King’s College London, coordination the Young Makers program for San Francisco and the North Bay, and doing educational research and evaluation with Rockman et al in San Francisco.

She is excited to be back home in Minneapolis and to be teaching again. When she’s not working with students, you may find her competing in a local pinball tournament.


Katie Jo Ross

Director of Operations

My name is Katie Jo Ross, better known as “Miss Katie.” I am the Director of Operations at Career Pathways, and you may have heard my voice on the school phone or on a recorded message, or met me when you came in with your students.

Before coming to CPATH, I worked as a college voice teacher at a few schools in Texas and Michigan, and was working on a doctorate degree in voice at the University of North Texas. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music as well as a Bachelors in Psychology. I grew up in the Twin Cities and am excited to be back and helping our community grow and thrive. My favorite part about working at CPATH is of course the kids! No matter how busy I am, I love to see them and get to know them better every day.


Steve Rudd

Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Steve lives in Baldwin Wisconsin. He is a school board member at Career Pathways and teaches Mathematics part time.

Christine Selby

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Christine Selby grew up north of the metro, with an eye for an adventure and a love of learning and teaching. She studied Communications and Spanish at University of Wisconsin-River Falls and towards the end of her studies, completed an internship in Bolivia, this experience that helped her understand the power and privilege of an education. Christine returned to Minnesota and completed her degree and spent two years working in youth development programming and as a Speaker for the Greater-Twin Cities of United Way helping connect individuals and organizations to community development efforts. She then moved to Miami to spend time with her grandmother and complete a graduate degree in International Intercultural Education at Florida International University. Before coming to career pathways She spent four years working for The Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade County where she helped design and evaluate community wide youth development efforts and helped organizations figure out how they could best contribute to their local neighborhoods and communities.

When she is not working you can usually find Christine running, cooking (or eating), at her church, coaching basketball, or hosting a party with friends.

Christine is excited to be joining to the career pathways team and is looking forward to learning all sorts of things from the incredible students and families here. She is particularly excited about helping students find internship and job opportunities that will help them meet their goals now and in the future. Please feel free to contact her at Christine@cpathmn.org or on her cell 651-235-7010 with any questions or to set up a time to get to know each other.


Fardousa Qadid

Special Education Assistant

My name is Fardousa Qadid. I work at CPATH as a special education aid. This is my third year as an EA. I am currently going to Saint Mary’s University to get a bachelor degree in Accounting. I am a married and have four lovely children. I love my job at CPATH and the kids. I’m excited for this school year.

Zachary Akin

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Zachary Akin, and I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh in 2013, and attended a Wisconsin Police Academy shortly before my graduation. After a decision was made for a career change, I was a salesman for a short time in Stevens Point, WI, and shortly thereafter returned to school to graduate with a Bachelor degree in Secondary Education from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 2017. My emphasis areas are History, Political Science, and Geography though I dabble in Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. I have only recently moved to Minnesota, and am absolutely over the moon with my time so far in Saint Paul. I could not be happier teaching at Career Pathways, and I look forward to what the future may hold.

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