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Our focus is on a culture of safety and learning. 

At Career Pathways, 6th through 12th grade students prepare for career pathways by taking classes and internships focused on workforce readiness.  Career Pathways highly qualified staff offer complete support including SEL, ESL and SPED.

If you are interested in learning more about Career Pathways please send an email to office@cpathmn.org  We will get right back to you!


Advisor Emails

Ms. Analuna – analuna@cpathmn.org

Ms. Brittany – brittany@cpathmn.org

Ms. Hamdi – hfarah@cpathmn.org

Ms. Hannah – hannah@cpathmn.org

Ms. Lonetti – llonetti@cpathmn.org

Ms. Vien – gvien@cpathmn.org