During the school year, families should assume that classes are in session unless otherwise notified.

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Community Service

Community Service is a requirement for all of our students each year.  This requirement is not only a part of our contract with The Guild, our authorizer, but it is also an important part of

Three Community Leaders

Our part time educational assistant Ms. Shauna Mahoney spoke about NURSING career options and the variety of jobs available with a nursing degree.  She spoke about her associates degree and how she is working on getting her bachelor's

Building Community / Exploring Careers

On Friday 10/4 we hosted speakers at our Career Assembly who shared personal stories that included incarceration, duty, and creativity. Thank you Ms. Larue, Mr. Garnier, and Mr. Garcia. You not only talked about your

Update Includes School Improvement Plan

Please read our September Community News and review our 3 School Improvement Strategies at this LINK:

Watch our Innovation Award Video

Follow this link The Minnesota Association of Charter Schools made this video about our school after we won the Innovation Award.

Transportation Information and the 19-20 School Calendar

Families will be receiving transportation information based on where they live. If you live in St. Paul, the district will be contacting you. Parents can call 651-696-9600 for updates. If you live in North or

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