June 4, 2020 

The Career Pathways School Board is committed to serving our school’s families and our community members. The senseless death of Mr. George Floyd and the violence in its wake are a painful reminder of the inhumanity and systemic injustice people of color and Black people in particular face every day.

As a school board for a school who serves Black and African American students, it is our responsibility to speak up on behalf of the injustices we continue to see in our community.  We must not be complicit by inaction or silence; we must state unequivocally that racism in any form is unacceptable. 

Our school board recognizes the human rights crisis of violence against and murder of Black people in our community, and stands firmly on the side of justice. As educators we work for our students and families and want to be held accountable when we are not doing something right for them or the community.

Everybody is a leader in some way, shape, or form. Our staff has reported all different ways that they are supporting the movement in their own unique ways, whether it is through protesting, donating, advocating, or other actions. It is inspiring to see how our staff and students have mobilized in this time.

We are committed to creating a safe, open space for us to connect as a community and learn from one another’s unique experiences and capabilities where all students are welcomed and valued. 

We want safety and equity for our students of color and for their families, and for the people of color in our community. We stand in support with them and say Black Lives Matter.

Anisa Ali 
Analuna Brambila
Hannah Glowczewski
Abshir Hirsi
Joan Arbisi Little
Elizabeth Lonetti
Alex Simmons
Kenneth Vreeland