About Joan Arbisi Little

Joan Arbisi Little surrounds herself with art, children and civic work. She has experience teaching at the elementary and middle school levels, and change leadership at the graduate level. As an educator, Joan promotes experiential and project based learning, and assessments that include portfolio, standard-based, qualitative and narrative methodology. Joan is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities College of Design and the University of St. Thomas School of Education. joan@cpathmn.org

Career Pathways Goals


Career Pathways goals are to provide a safe learning environment that fosters the soft skills necessary to become career and college ready.  We start with an emphasis on Professional, Appreciative, Thoughtful and Helpful actions that promote empathy and social justice. We work to increase students’ perceptions of autonomy, belongingness, goal orientation, academic press, engagement and hope.  



The federal government has given schools additional funding to support learners and staff during the Covid 19 pandemic. This can be anything from field trips to face masks. Ms. Liz and Dr. Joan co-lead the committee that gathers feedback and ideas from the school community. Please visit our website’s Covid 19 Updates page to view our Safe