A new school means new dreams, and MEFE is listening to its students.

Starting new events and opportunities is one of the best parts of a beginning a new school. MEFE recently held its first ever student council elections —a commitment to engaging students, and giving their voices a place to be heard. Because MEFE is a new school this year, students have more influence than ever in helping develop the school, “I want this school to be the best school it can be,” said one of the candidates running for student council in her speech.

Students interested in running for either the MEFE Middle School Council or the MEFE High School Student Council, were given the floor in the school’s first assembly. Students interested in running for president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary or historian had an opportunity to address their fellow students, some with carefully prepared speeches, and some with extemporaneous passion and ideas. “I want to set an example,” said one candidate.

Ideas about what they wanted to accomplish in their role on MEFE Student Council ranged from new events and dances, new sports and activities, more field trips, choosing a mascot, to complex important issues such as students and staff working as a team, and developing policies against and a zero tolerance for bullying of any kind.

“I want to make MEFE a school around student needs,” said another candidate. MEFE staff supports this kind of student leadership, and knows that leadership qualities can be grown, and have a real impact on school culture for years to come.

Congratulations to MEFE 2015/16 School Council Members!