Our part time educational assistant Ms. Shauna Mahoney spoke about NURSING career options and the variety of jobs available with a nursing degree.  She spoke about her associates degree and how she is working on getting her bachelor’s degree.  Students asked about pay and if, as a nurse she can work with kids.

Our friend Greg Renne from the Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest, spoke about his experience in CONSTRUCTION finishing trades.  He told students about PSEO and how they can go to the Institute half a day and get both high school and college credit (Dual Credit).  Students were very interested in pay and how they can work as soon as they are 18 with a trades diploma.  Greg also mentioned that he was a Marine before he was involved with construction.

One of our founding leaders Tony Scallon, spoke briefly and encouraged the older students to look into PSEO. He let them know about how much money they could save by taking college courses while in high school.